Let’s just cut the chase and start with straight-up facts here. We have been facing a global pandemic since last year. With all the uncertainty around, businesses still have to ensure that their customers are satisfied with their services. The competition in the business world is insane and to build the reputation of your brand during this time, enterprises look for a solution which they can rely on. 

Cloud telephony helps businesses to improve the journey of their customers by providing a seamless customer experience. With cloud telephony services, agents can answer phone calls from any part of the world and still solve customer queries in an efficient manner. 

In this blog, we’ll focus on three major aspects,

What is cloud telephony?

How does cloud telephony work?

Benefits of cloud telephony for your business

So, without further ado let’s get started 

What is Cloud Telephony?

What is Cloud Telephony

Cloud telephony is a type of unified communications as a service (UCaaS) that allows businesses to move their phone system to the cloud.  

UCaaS has become the most widely used business solution in the present time. It combines an office phone system with messaging apps into a full-featured communications platform. Most enterprises adopt UCaaS to provide their employees with collaboration tools so that they can work from anywhere. 

Cloud telephony offers voice communication services provided by a third-party host. It allows the users to make calls directly using their cell phones or laptops with a stable internet connection. That means, the most convenient way of making customer calls without the need for traditional hardware systems. 

As cloud-based phone systems run through software and use VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) for calls and communications, they can offer a cheaper service while delivering a wider range of additional features. 

Now, let’s jump into some details about how the cloud-based system works? 

How does Cloud Telephony Work?

How does Cloud Telephony Work

The customers don’t reach out to your business on your office lines directly but they call on a published number which is known as the cloud telephony number. 

To get a better idea, here are the components of cloud telephony

1. Published phone number

This can be a toll-free number or a mobile number. Your customers contact your business using this number

2. Cloud telephony servers with PRI lines

These servers enable call recordings, IVR, and many other features. 

When a customer makes a call, PRI (Primary Rate Interface) lines deflect that call to the hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) on the cloud. The hosted PBX consists of all the necessary data required to set up the call forwarding for each customer call. 

3. Extensions or agent numbers

These are the numbers where the customer calls actually land. They can be the contact numbers of your staff or your office landline numbers. 

4. Incoming and outgoing call flows

Incoming calls 

  • The customer calls on the published number
  • The call gets forwarded to PBX via PRI lines 
  • Customers choose the relevant options in the IVR
  • The servers connect the call with the agents according to the call distribution scheduled on the cloud server.
  • The caller and the agents get connected. 

Outgoing calls 

  • Outgoing calls are generally made by software like CRM
  • The agents dial the number they want to call 
  • CRM sends an API signal to cloud servers
  • The server calls the agent first and when the call is answered, he dials the customer
  • Both the calls are merged

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Benefits of Cloud Telephony for Your Business

Benefits of Cloud Telephony for Your Business

1. Quick and easy setup 

This is probably the best benefit of using cloud telephony. As there is no hardware equipment involved unlike traditional systems, installing cloud telephony usually takes less than an hour. 

You don’t need to wait for a technician to install your phone lines, your service provider takes care of everything. You get to save time and there is no delay in your services. 

2. Cost savings 

Cloud-based solutions reduce the hassle of installing and maintaining the hardware which means you no longer have to pay for maintenance and repair charges. 

Also, you don’t need to invest in various tools such as video conferencing, business SMS, and fax as cloud telephony will combine the cost of all these platforms into a single fee. 

3. Scalability 

If we talk about traditional systems, the process of adding new users is a bit complicated as you are charged with an additional charge every time you assign a telephone line to a new employee. 

Also, setting up their desk phone can take a lot of time as it involves knots of wires, switches, phones, and routers. But, with a cloud-based solution, you can easily add new users and remove the existing ones.

4. Increased flexibility 

Remote work has become an important part of the new normal. Using cloud telephony your agents can access the office system from anywhere and still provide efficient solutions to customer queries.  

The only thing they’ll need is a strong internet connection. Not only they can answer customer calls, but they can also access their voicemail, forward calls to other agents, and edit call routing schedules. 

5. Access to advanced features 

Businesses that invest in cloud telephony get to make the most of the advanced calling features. The system gives you access to a dashboard that lets you manage various features such as

Advanced features of Cloud Telephony infographic
  • IVR-  Enables the callers who solve their own queries through a pre-recorded voice that guides them through the menu. 
  • Call forwarding- Allowing the agents to answer every call 
  • Call recording-  lets you record each customer call that can be used for future reference
  • Toll free numbers- which allows the customers to reach you without paying any charge
  • Auto attendant – helps callers navigate to the correct department

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Cloud telephony is not only helpful in lowering company costs, but also allows you to grow your business in an effortless manner. In recent times where enterprises are trying their best to ensure seamless customer experience, cloud telephony seems like smart and innovative technology. 

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