While the pandemic has completely changed the work how organizations work, the biggest challenge today is to sustain your customers and improve their experience.

Let’s be real here,

Customers expect timely responses to their queries and they won’t bind with your businesses for a longer period of time if you fail to provide the same.

For ensuring smooth business interactions, you need a solution that is reliable, flexible, and hassle-free. Here comes the role of cloud telephony. 

In this blog we’ll know what post-sale services are and how cloud telephony can help in improving them. 

What are post-sale services and why are they important?

Post-sale services include any kind of support that you provide to the customers after the purchase of the product. 

For example- If the customers receives wrong or damaged products, businesses offer the customers the freedom to either exchange them or request a return.

High-quality post-sale services are important for your business because they help in building the positive image of your brand.

If the customers will get relevant responses to their inquiries after buying the product, they’ll be satisfied with your services and even recommend your products to others. 

In simple words the more genuine support you’ll provide to your customers, the more likely you’ll gain their loyalty. 

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How Cloud Telephony Can Optimize Your Post-sale Services

1. Ensure 24X7 Availability 

Customers can face an issue at any time of the day and as a responsible business, your agents should be available to assist them at any hour. With cloud telephony, you can leverage IVR for providing round a clock customer experience. 

No matter what time the customers call, IVR will welcome them with a pre-recorded message.

2. Minimizing Customer Waiting Time 

Long queues are often considered as a drawback in providing quality post-sale services to your customers. 

As clients take out the time of their busy schedules to get in touch with your business for resolving their queries, they can get really disappointed if they have to wait in long queues. 

But with cloud telephony, you can easily route customer calls to the right agent with the skills to assist the customer-facing a particular issue. This way, you can reduce the waiting time of customers and prevent them from abandoning the calls.

3. Reduce the Workload of Agents 

Agents attend several customer calls every day. With the help of self-help IVR, you can guide the customers to solve some of their issues themselves and cut some slack on the workload of agents. 

With the help of self-help IVR, customers can solve some of the common questions themselves.

4. Helps in Post- sales Engagement 

Cloud telephony offers various communication tools that can help you keep your customers up-to-date with any kind of changes you do in your brand.

With bulk Sms and outbound calling, you can keep your customers posted with the ongoing discount offers and even conduct feedback surveys which can further help you in knowing what your customers perceive of your brand. 

Summing up 

By ensuring that customers get quality assistance even after buying the products, businesses need to make sure that they provide a seamless customer experience.

Cloud telephony solution not only offers excellent communication tools but also ensures round the clock customer operations and leveraging these benefits can surely take your business to a next level.