Ever wondered why most businesses prefer to use cloud telephony solution with inbuilt CRM ?

The answer is quite simple. Customers expect seamless communication on every channel and if your business fails to keep up with their needs, why would they want to contact you again? 

Cloud telephony with CRM allows you to make customers calls within CRM thus, reducing the hassle of shifting between your phone system and CRM.  

That means you’ll get to save your time and you can assist your customers seamlessly. 

In the blog, we will know everything about what cloud telephony with inbuilt CRM offers and how it can benefit your business? 

Features of Cloud Telephony With Inbuilt CRM 

1. Welcome greetings

The first impression of your business matters, the customer should know that you value them. IVR plays a pre-recorded welcome greeting that you make personalise to allow the customers to feel connected to your brand. 

2. Self-help IVR

Agents answer hundreds of customer calls every day. Wouldn’t it be nice if some of the minor queries can be solved by the customers themselves? 

With self help- IVR options, customers can easily solve their queries without the need of agents. 

3. Parallel calls

Cloud telephony with CRM will allow you to answer inbound calls as well as make outbound calls to customers at the same time. 

4. Call recording and forwarding 

Through IVR you can easily record customer calls and forward them to the right department whenever required. 

Cloud Telephony Benefits With Inbuilt CRM 

1. Assign virtual numbers 

Virtual numbers act as a medium through which customers reach out to your business. You can easily generate a toll-free number for your business and assign them to your sales team which will further identify the potential customers and convert them into business leads. 

2. Single database

By using cloud telephony with CRM, your team would no longer have to shift between phone systems and CRM. You can reach out to your customers and maintain their data within a single database. 

3. Creating a professional image 

You can keep a record of every customer interaction within CRM. This helps in assisting the customers in the future without the need of asking them about their query again. 

The persistent business communication will help in building a professional brand image of your business. 

4. Personalize the customer experience

Personalized voice mails and welcome greetings can make the customer feel connected to your brand and improve their customer journey. 

5. Prevent the loss of leads 

If the leads are not being followed up regularly then they might slip away from your hands. 

The CRM software will easily allow you to divide the tasks among your team members and send regular reminders to them so that they can follow up to make sure they don’t lose the leads. 

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Summing it up 

Whether it’s a small business or a big enterprise, the benefits of using cloud telephony with CRM can be utilized by any industry irrespective of its size. 

To get a clear picture of how you can integrate cloud telephony with CRM, reach out to us today!