With the thriving growth of startups in the country, businesses have already started using new technologies to keep up their pace with the competition in the market. 

Nowadays, when the employees are working from home and customer demands are constantly rising, one can say that cloud telephony is going to stay in the coming years.

Now, what exactly does cloud telephony means?

What is cloud telephony?

Cloud telephony is a technology that takes your telephone system on cloud. Thus, no need to setup physical system that eats up your office space.

Not only this, cloud telephony comes with lots of long term benefits for startups, which are discussed below

Reasons to Adopt Cloud Telephony for Startups

Cost Savings 

In contrast to PBX systems, which involve heavy physical systems that come with all sorts of installation and maintenance and costs, a cloud telephony solution, does not involve any hardware, which means you can cut some slack on your expenses. 

Quick and Easy Installation 

Unlike PBX systems which takes 2 to 3 days to set up, cloud telephony takes less than an hour.

High Data Security 

Using cloud telephony, you can ensure the safety of customer data by limiting access to customer details which further helps in preventing data breaches.

Additional features

With Cloud telephony, you can use extra features such as merging IVR systems with CRM, which helps the agents to get all the customer data in one place. 

Never Miss a Lead

Unlike traditional systems which didn’t provide the option of transferring customer calls, cloud telephony reduces the waiting time of customers as you can easily transfer calls to available executives.

That means you’ll never miss a lead again!

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Flexible for Remote Work

As remote work is on rising like never before, cloud telephony provides flexibility to attend calls from anywhere. That means agents can efficiently provide high-quality customer services by sitting at home. 

Call Privacy 

Features like number masking provide customers and agents the freedom to interact with each other without having access to their personal information.

Internal Communication

With cloud telephony’s call conferencing feature, you can easily connect with your staff members without the need to be physically present in the office which isn’t the case in traditional PBX systems. 


Whether it’s a startup or a big enterprise, cloud telephony is the smoothest way of making the experience better for customers. 

With reduced customer waiting time, high data security, and call privacy the customer interaction can be enhanced.