While agents attend to hundreds of customer calls every day, most of these calls are spam calls by solicitors who don’t have any intention to raise a genuine query.

This can be really frustrating for the agents as half of their time gets wasted in answering the spam calls which further hinders their productivity. 

No agent would want his flow of work to deal with uninvited calls. 

How to deal with spam calls?

Spam calls might not seem like an issue that can affect the daily tasks of your staff but in the long run, these types of irrelevant calls can really impact their performance and create unnecessary stress. 

In this blog, we’ll learn about some of the effective ways to turn down unnecessary spam calls. 

So, let’s get started!

Top 5 Strategies to Keep Your Virtual Number Spam-Free

1. Auto-Attendant 

An auto attendant helps in filtering the spam calls as the caller won’t be able to enter the call menu. As a result, your agents won’t have to worry about getting irrelevant calls. 

Looking out for the virtual numbers that come with this feature is the first step towards keeping solicitors at bay. 

2. Consider Changing Your Number 

This can be a feasible option for some businesses but if you’re a renowned business, you can’t risk losing your existing customers who have been interacting with you through your current number. 

Switching to another number can work well for businesses with numbers that haven’t been used for a long time. 

3.Utilize DNC Registry 

One of the best ways to avoid spam calls is to register your number in the National Do Not Call Registry. Once your number is added to the Do Not Call list, you’re free from those irritating spam calls. 

While it may not totally eliminate the calls but works in reducing their numbers.  

4. Block Spam Numbers 

This may be a time-consuming method but it goes a long way in keeping your system secure from spam calls. Keep a track of the doubtful numbers when you receive a call from them for the first time and block them then and there. 

You may have to spend some time manually blocking each number you got a call from but, it’s totally worth it. 

5. Reach Out to Your Virtual Number Provider

If you have implemented every strategy and are still tired of receiving unimportant 

calls then here is your last stop. You can contact your virtual number provider who can further help you in blocking calls from certain numbers you don’t want to receive calls from. 

Moreover, you can put calls from specific area codes in the blacklist category.  

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A smart business owner will never want his agents to waste their valuable time in dealing with uninvited calls which can prove to be a real threat to the genuine calls which the agents can answer.

Getting in touch with a virtual number provider can help your business to shuffle off spam calls and blacklist the numbers you don’t want to get calls from. 

Are you still looking for a way to get rid of spam calls? Reach out to us today!