When customers come to know about your brand through your website, their first instinct would be to get in touch with a real person so that they can know more about your products and get answers to their queries. 

In today’s busy world, nobody has the time to wait in long queues to get their queries resolved. In fact, the majority of the customers drop the calls as they don’t have enough time to wait in long queues. 

As every customer call is important for your business, you can’t afford to lose your customers to some other brand so you might want to consider using a seamless way of communication. 

Click to call act as a savior here! Now, before we move further, let’s know about how click to call works. 

How Click-to-Call Works?

Click to call is a button on the website which lets the visitor get in touch with the agents. After a visitor clicks on the button, a pop-up box will open in which he has to enter his contact details in order to connect with an agent. 

Once the customer enters his details in the pop-up box, an automated call is generated to the agent first and as soon as the agent gets connected, the customer receives a call.

This is how click to call allows the customer to quickly reach out to the agents without wasting a single minute. 

Now, let’s know about the ways in which click to call enhances the customer experience

Top 5 Ways Click to Call Boosts Customer Experience

Enhances Sales by Generating New Leads

Customers like to thoroughly research the ABCs of the products they are going to purchase. A company’s website is the first stage for the customers to get to know about its services.  

Enabling a click to call option on your website allows the customers to request a callback from the agents anytime. 

As click to call is a quick way to connect with agents, it increases the website’s traffic which ultimately results in an increased number of sales. 

Reduces the Hassle of Copying Numbers

Using the click to call option, customers don’t have to waste their time copying the number from your website and pasting it on their keypad. Instead, they just have to click on a button and voila, they can request a callback. 

Best Way to Retain Customers 

Click to call allows the agents to know about the customer data before initiating a callback, in this way the agents can assist the customers in a better way. 

Also, the customers can request the callbacks according to their preference which makes them feel valued and increases their loyalty towards your brand.  

Boosts Sales Team’s Productivity

Click to call options offers immense flexibility to your sales team. By merging the CRM with click to call portal, agents don’t have to dial the number of each customer manually. 

Instead, you can easily make any call by clicking on the click to call button present in front of every number. This helps in boosting the overall productivity of the sales team as they can save a lot of time and extra effort required in manually dialling each number. 

Enhancing Customer Journey 

As customers expect their issues to be resolved on a priority basis, they want to connect with the real person behind the website so that they can clearly explain their query. 

By using click to call, customers can get immediate responses which makes them feel important and boosts their credibility towards the brand. 

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By using click to call, your customers can reach out to your business by just tapping on the button. 

Isn’t this the easiest way to a boosts your customer experience? 

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