IVR as we know it is the Interactive Voice Response system or an automated voice that lists menu options and asks you to “press 1 for X” and directs you accordingly. It was invented in the late 19s when companies realised that the robot receptionist was much cheaper than hiring a physical one just to transfer calls.

Over the years, technological advancements have made the IVR system capable of functioning as an actual customer support agent for rather uncomplicated issues than just being a receptionist.

IVR grabs the unconditional attention of (literally) every scale size business, especially to the OEM industries. However, there is a saying there is a silver lining in the darker shade. IVR has some darker patches but that can be cured by applying some tactics and by that I mean ‘software’. 

When working correctly, the IVR calls are a lot cheaper than live calls. However, when the IVR system is not working correctly, it can cost companies significantly more in the form of lost customers and employees.

Today in this blog, I will affirm some common problems of IVR call center failures and their solutions.

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Some Common Problems of IVR Call Center Fails

Being a call center venture, you ultimately aim to provide customer-centric plus satisfaction calling facilities and back support services and when you imply IVR into the action, for sure, things are managed seamlessly in a capable manner. 

But it is important to set up a ‘zero’ error-free and meticulous call experience. Here are diverse (and expensive) Interactive Voice Response call center failures that can be saviour perfectly avoided with the right call center software. 

Problem 1 – Excessive Long Recordings

IVR are of different styles and one user based on the nature of the business. Overly long recordings are a kind of common IVR call center issue that fails somewhere triggering customers not liking such technology and in addition, they switch to new business. 

Your focus should be eliminating the donuts of the callers in as little time as possible. To be said, likely not more than 30 seconds. 

Solution: Use Short Recording Instead of Long Ones.

Problem 2 – Explicit Unclear Menus 

There is a saying that, you can’t put a recipe for success and that is true…! 

An effective IVR system focuses on providing relatable solutions and resolving cold-ask queries without the need to speak to an agent. In this way, this ensures customer satisfaction at will while saving companies time and money. 

Solution: Try to reframe Menu option(s) to five choices at peak.

Problem 3 – Unintelligible Tone of Voice 

Words convey the message and tone is its mother…! According to the survey, the male voice was more “usable” than the female voice but hangs in creating trust. Surprised? We were too when we came to know.

Solution: Considering cloud-based IVR system Odysseus you to always connect with the latest technology that can easily route each call to the quickest resolution method.

Problem 4 – Puzzled, Wordy Content 

This is one of the most common Interactive Voice Response call center fails ever observed in the industry. The caller likely wants an easy, well-scripted, and understandable tone of voice, which can assist customers in understanding menu options, wisely. 

Solution: Incorporate simple instructions, short sentences and easy to understand language.

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These are some pinpointed problems of IVR call center failures you have entailed, just right. It is important to have a clear, unthrottled, and operative IVR system. 

The solutions mentioned with the problems (above) can help you think better about troubleshooting the IVR system. In case you need more information, you can ask Mytelly experts and truly experience the heights of could-tails.