Running a call center is not an easy job. It comes with loads of responsibility and even more challenges.  The biggest challenge of all is to provide support to the customers in their time of need. This is exactly why a cloud-based IVR is needed. 

Nowadays, businesses are becoming more customer-centric. To provide a better customer experience with IVR, it is important to use a solution that is flexible and can assist the customers at any time beyond your business hours. 

This blog will cover the benefits of using a cloud-based IVR solution software. 

So, let’s jump in!

Top 5 benefits of using a cloud-based IVR solution software

1. Minimizes operational costs 

One of the best advantages of using cloud-based IVR is the reduction of operational costs. Call center agents to handle hundreds of customer calls every day. If the call flow is not managed properly, a lot of time gets wasted. By implementing a cloud-based IVR solution you can manage the flow of calls and connect the customers to the right department. 

2. Scalable

Since the cloud-based IVR system is not tied to any hardware, you can easily add and remove features. For example, you can include a wide range of video and voice call features by adding them to the network. Also, it saves the hassle of installing the hardware system and spending money on regular updates. 

3. Redundancy 

If you’re familiar with on-site IVR systems then you must have experienced that they can go down very easily. That means you always have to keep the system up. But, with cloud-based IVR, the chances of your system getting burned out can be reduced. Cloud-based IVR systems come with extra servers and backup equipment. Therefore, even if the servers go down, the IVR service will keep running. 

4. Additional tools 

Cloud IVR system comes with performance-enhancing tools. For example, you can track customer call volume, origin and time allotment. This makes it easier to schedule the workers and also ensures that your call centers can effectively manage higher call volumes. 

Besides this, the cloud IVR system also allows you to track the performance of your staff by keeping a record of the number of calls taken by them, the duration of their calls and the percentage of overall work done.

5. Get more leads 

Despite being a device for inbound communication, an IVR can help to generate new leads. By guiding the callers to choose their preferable options by dialling certain numbers on the keypad, the IVR can help in solving customer issues and hence building the trust of the customers ensures that they will stay in longer contact with your business. 

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Cloud-based IVRs ensure that your business works in a smooth way by prioritizing your customers. Hence, it’s worth investing in.