Before the pandemic, the use of the telephone (typically wired connection system) was high but today, people forget the use of the traditional so-called phone systems since the new-age virtual phone systems are incepted.

This newly invented technology gaining tremendous popularity and more and more businesses are exercising to adopt in their business process.

Here are some interesting facts and stats about Virtual Phone Systems in business.

  • Businesses that launch with virtual phone systems see a 90% reduction in startup costs.
  • Reduce 40-75% on communication costs for any business that transfers to such technology.
  • This technology can eliminate high costs in mobile charges for a business.
  • The majority of Indian businesses say Virtual Phone System helps them work remotely. 
  • 63% of businesses with SMS over Programatic Phone System have benefited from it.

Virtual Phone System Explained

A Virtual Phone System is a cloud-featured call system that companies use to make calls over the Internet. It uses an internet connection as well as your IP to make the call connection successful.

The advantage is that users/business stakeholders can make a call and receive a call using gadgets like laptops or a tablet/mobile, you can make calls anywhere on the globe. 

During the days of lockdowns, when companies operate from home referred to as “Work From Home”, the virtual phone system comes into the wider picture. 

Most of the companies adopt GSM services from reputed Virtual Number Solutions Providers to prompt employees to work from home. 

It let employees and employers conveniently and comfortably work together in a shared environment.

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Traditional Phones v/s New Age Virtual Phone System

Traditional Phones vs Virtual Phone System

Compared to the traditional system, the virtual phone system is superior and classic from every corner. Virtual systems are great, but not a perfect suitable fit for all businesses. 

However, the Virtual system is powerful, trustworthy, seamlessly affordable, and has a huge market customer. 

Look at the table to figure out why and how Virtual Phone Systems is better. 

Easy, no-code set-upNoYes
Cost of ownershipHighLow
Hardware requirementsYesNo
Maintenance cost and effortHighLow
Ease of ScalabilityLowHigh
Remote work-readyNo Yes
Easy call-routing set-upNoYes

Working From Home is Mutually Beneficial for Employers & Employees

Gradually, work from home appears to be a wave of the future. The pandemic situation has put millions of companies in the counterpart to how to continue their business survival? 

And, Eventually, “Work from Home” becomes a necessity…!

In case, if your employees carry work from home, it is necessary to develop an efficient working environment for the company as a whole.

Hence, there is a multitude of things to the casket which are highlight below: 

  • A reliable platform for remote communication
  • Electronic document signature
  • Capture and distribution software
  • Cloud document storage

And there could be more based on the nature of business and process deviations. 

Remote communication plays an important role in the convenient workflow of operations. Therefore, incorporating Virtual Phone System technology leads to prompt effective work from home activity.  

How does Virtual Phone System Benefits Employers? 

1. Increasing Productivity & Decreasing Costs

The remote environment is different from the on-premises. Being in an environment that is casual to you and comfortable, boost the morale and increase productivity. In fact, the study supports this statement, employees’ willingness to work more than 40 hours a week i.e. 160 hours in a month increases by 20% when they can do it remotely.

2. Less Turnover & More Qualified Candidates

It has additionally been demonstrated that working from home diminishes turnover inside organizations by half. This is supposed to be because of the increased degrees of joy from representatives concerning their work and towards their bosses. The recruiting pool additionally definitely increments whenever businesses have the chance to pick somebody dependent on capabilities instead of the location.

3. Maintain Professionalism

Virtual numbers are unique and different from casual calling numbers, they are professional phone numbers used for enriching marketing practices, generating leads, global call forwarding, etc.  

It helps in commute professionalism in such a way that your client cannot know about from where the work is progressing. Right from home, you can manage everything from its advanced features such as the hold option, or send voicemails automatically when off-the-duty. 

How does Virtual Phone System Benefits Employees?

1. Prompt Better Work/Life Balance

Working from home deliver intuitive benefits, in particular, it highly improves work balance. How? When working from home, the employers’ have independent hours to complete their work on their own schedule even after taking long fun breaks. This brings in an efficient work balance along with healthier lifestyles. 

2. Save Time and Money

As said earlier, working from home gives you the freedom to work on your own schedule. Usually, this motivates them to finish the job in less time. Working from home also save cost that spent on transportation. Since you need not go outside about the job, hence you can save money on petrol and other miscellaneous expenses. 

3. Ensure Quality Conversations

Quality services render when flawless communication systems are available. If not, you will surely lose quality conversations. By using Virtual PBX Phone Systems you can ensure 360-degree quality conversations. It helps in keep a track of phone calls, record the calls, filter out the selection of callers flagged as a blacklist or spam callers. 

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Work From Home? Streamline Sales & Customer Interactions with Cloud Telephony

Cloud telephony is prominent technology that works around cloud environment features cloud calls using internet connection, is a type of Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) which eliminates the conventional enterprise telephone system. 

Foremost, cloud Calling is similar to the concept of Virtual Phone Systems and has major similarities in terms of features, functions, and services. 

In conclusion, experience premium cloud telephony services from MyTelly, a dedicated platform for IVR solutions, Virtual Phone Systems, Bulk OBD solutions, and more build to simplify the customer experience.