How often do customers have to wait in long queues to connect with an agent regarding their query? And how often are they dissatisfied with the services provided by a business?

The answer is most of the time. 

Customers take time out of busy schedules to interact with the agents so that their issues are resolved instantly, they don’t have enough time to wait which is why they drop the calls if they don’t get immediate response. 

Any smart business wouldn’t want to frustrate their customers to the extent where they abandon the calls. This is where the role of missed call service comes in. 

What is a Missed Call?

Missed call is a call that automatically disconnects after 2 or 3 rings. The customer details like contact number, time of the call and region get saved in the CRM of the agents so that they can get back to them either by a call or SMS. 

Giving a missed call to a number doesn’t require any cost and also saves a lot of time for the agents as they don’t have to go through the information of every customer to give them a revert. 

Not only this, but missed call service for business help in a lot of ways to increase customer engagement. 

Ways in which missed call service can be beneficial for your business 

1. Generating New Leads

What would be the best time to tell the customers about your services rather than the time when you reach out to your customers after receiving their inquiry? 

Missed call services lets you generate leads in the smoothest way possible. After the callers come across the miss call number on your website, they’ll connect with you by giving a missed call and you can easily get back to them regarding their query before converting them into customers. 

2. Collecting Valuable Feedback 

Getting to know the perception of the customers towards the services you provide helps you to understand their needs and work on areas where your business lacks. 

Many surveys can be conducted using missed call services. The example of this would be when viewers are asked to vote for their favourite contestants in a reality show by giving a missed call on a number. 

3. Callback Service

One of the most significant benefits of a missed call service is the freedom to call back the customers. 

When a caller dials a missed call number, the call automatically gets disconnected without getting answered. Customer data is then saved into the live panel which makes it easier for the agents to call back the customers. 

4. Using Missed Calls for App Downloads 

Missed call service can be utilized for sending SMS alerts to the customers where they receive the direct link of the application so that they don’t have to search for the app on the play store and they can easily download it with a single click. 

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In today’s competitive word, every smart business owner focuses on investing in solutions which offer hassle-free communication. 

My telly’s missed call service can help you in generating high-quality leads, conducting surveys, targeting customers and what not?

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