So the majority of us are working remotely in a virtual environment. For starters, each one of us thought that working from our comfy homes or remote locations would be fun. But indeed now we know and understand reality. These enclosed workspaces with no colleagues & managers present have lowered down our motivation. It has also taken away the sense of togetherness which a confined office space gives us. This blog talks about how entrepreneurs can coach their stressed teams and transform them into a motivated team.

If we take the case of call center employees, they are the ones who are the most affected with the pandemic. Customers calls have increased thus, indirectly pressurising employees with tremendous work. Moreover, customer satisfaction has dipped as agents are unable to answer each stressed customer call. Some customers tend to talk in a rude way as they are too stressed. While some ask the same monotonous questions again and again. This irritates the customer service reps.

In other words, customer service representatives are the most disturbed and demotivated with all the chaos.

Let’s look and discuss ways how you as a manager can help them to work in the right direction. And that too without feeling demotivated and stressed.

So let’s get into it.

Engaging remote employees to create a motivated team

Communication is necessary

So there are different ways how each manager communicates to his teams. No matter how you wish to communicate but it stands extremely important to interact with your team members. The reason why this stands mandatory is there will be dull days where your team members can feel lost. So as a manager, your main responsibility should be is to understand what is the reason and how can you solve it. For all of this, you need to interact with them and get to the depth of the problems they face. Communication should be open from both sides to understand what are the vulnerabilities.

Talk to them through ways like:

  • Instant messaging application or hangouts to connect with them,
  • Video calls for a more personalised chat
  • Encouraging team member to connect just like old times but in a new way through virtual environments.

Acknowledge them

Acknowledging one’s effort and achievements is a great way to motivate your team. A motivated employee will perform far better. Recognising their efforts will boost their morale and help them to perform better. Also, here acknowledging doesn’t mean rewarding in monetary or any other manner. A simple appreciation on the group call or sending a personalised appreciation mail does it all. With this, you are on the right track of creating a well-motivated team.

Interactive activities for a motivated team

Virtual work environment doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. Like regular days, team building and motivating exercises should be an active part to cut boredom and take a healthy break. This will also ensure that the feeling of boredom doesn’t take over and a sense of togetherness takes over. Virtual games, virtual lunch-room or a virtual party can take away those stressed workdays and convert them into a motivational boost for each of your employee.


So adopting the newer technologies prove to be of great help to reduce the workload of your employees. Likewise, automation also helps to provide first-class solutions to your customers in no time. Indirectly raising customer experience ratio. Investing in Mytelly’s cloud telephony solutions is an easy way out to assist your agents to work smartly and without any pressure. With these cloud solutions, all the monotonous queries are answered by a virtual assistant while all the complex ones are solved using human help. This decreases a lot of pressure and also relaxes your agents to work efficiently 

Its is very important for you to boost your customer service agents motivation. This will improve their performance and help them to work with a customer-centric approach. An approach that will ensure that no customer gets dissatisfied. Rather each one of them receives an exceptional experience. This tips will encourage your team member and develop a zeal to perform better each day. Likewise, business outcomes will be great if your team and customers stay happy.

Did we miss any important step that entrepreneurs should use to coach their remote teams? If yes, let us know in the comments section below.